White Glass – Mango Round brocade/Snake

Collier_1-(4)     Collier_1-(2)     Collier_1-(6)     Collier_1-(3)     Collier_1-(5)

One of my first long necklaces, and I’m not sure I’ll make another one like this. It didn’t go as well as I wanted, but still… a pretty nice one 🙂

This long necklace is made of a mango 2mm satin cord, silver foil white glass beads and bright silver metal beads.
It features a Round Brocade knot with a silver foil white glass bead as the pendant, and Snake and Buttons knots with beads as the chain.

All the knot are Chinese ones and come with their own meaning.
Thus, the Round Brocade knot, also named Chinese Flower knot, represents good fortune and completeness.
As for the Snake knot, like the animal in the Chinese horoscope, it can bring you good fortune as well.
And the Button knot is a symbol of good luck.
So, as a mix of these Chinese knots, I hope this necklace will be a good fortune charm for its wearer 😉

– chain length : about 61 cm / 24″
– pendant length : about 6 cm / 2.36″

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