Blue/Flower Glass – White Pineapple

Collier_7-(1)     Collier_7-(3)     Collier_7-(2)

I bought the big flower bead in Singapore few years ago, but didn’t manage to find a design to my liking before few weeks ago… Don’t ask. Not in the mood, not the right time… I don’t know, but… well… Here is the final result of a very long thinking 🙂

Set_7-(1) I also made a bracelet that’ll be perfect with this necklace.

This necklace is made of two white 2mm satin cords and glass beads.
It features a big flower glass bead as the central pendant, as well as Pineapple & Button knots and spacer glass beads along the chain.

Each knot has its own meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, the Pineapple knot is considered a symbol of prosperity.
And the Button knot is seen as good luck.
So, as a mix of these Chinese knots, I hope this necklace will be a lucky charm that brings prosperity to its wearer 😉

– Length : about 48 cm / 18.90”

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