Green Lampwork – Green/Ivory Button

Collier_9-(1)     Collier_9-(3)     Collier_9-(2)

For once, I just wanted to make a necklace with a lot of Button knots and only few beads. I came up with this design, but the small seed beads. But, I was not really happy with it, like something was missing. I ended up adding the two small threads with seed beads and… here is the result. Quite nice, right?

Set_9-(1) I also made a bracelet that’ll be perfect with this necklace.

This necklace is made of two 2mm satin cords, one green and one ivory, and a tube lampwork bead and seed beads as a pendant.
The chain features Button knots with lampwork and silver beads.

Each knot has its own meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, the Button knot is a symbol of good luck.
So, with a lot of Button knots, I hope this necklace will be a great good-luck charm to its wearer 😉

– chain length : about 48.5 cm / 19.09″
– pendant length : about 5.5 cm / 2.17″

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