Pink/Lavender Stone – Lavender/Silver Guinever/Double Button

Collier_18-(5)     Collier_18-(2)     Collier_18-(9)     Collier_18-(1)     Collier_18-(8)

While thinking about a design that goes with the pendant, I wanted to have an elegant but simple chain.
So, I first choose to have a Guinevere knot to tie the pendant to the chain. After that, I tried different beads.
At first, some silver foil glass beads seemed a good choice, but the result was a bit bland. After few other tries, I ended up with silver beads that reflect their surrounding colors.

Set_18-(1) I also made a bracelet that’ll be perfect with this necklace.

This necklace is made of two 1.5mm satin cords, a lavender one and a silver one, and a natural pink/lavender/white stone pendant bought from a local gem club, the Port Moody Rock and Gem Club.
It features a Guinevere knot tying the pendant to the chain, as well as Double Button knots and silver beads along the chain.

Each knot has its own meaning and origin.
Thus, the Guinevere knot is a Celtic knot inspired from Queen Guinevere, whose grace has the power to dispel doubt and inspire courage and goodness.
As for the Double Button knot, it’s, in the Chinese culture, a great symbol of good luck.
So, as a mix of these knots, I hope this necklace will be a lucky charm that brings its wearer confidence for a great life 😉

– chain length : about 43.5 cm / 17.13”
– pendant length : about 5 cm / 1.97″

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