Red/Flower Glass – Pink/White Button

Collier_19-(4)     Collier_19-(1)     Collier_19-(5)     Collier_19-(2)     Collier_19-(6)

I’m used to work with 2mm satin cords, but wanted to try with 1.5mm ones. I had the idea of a long necklace with few flowered beads.
At first, I just made the button knots around the beads, but found the thread between two beads a bit too simple. Then, my husband gave me the idea to add knots in between that will remind the beads.
I thought about adding a red knot between two pink ones, but it was too colorful and choosing only pink knots would have been too plain. So, I ended up choosing a white knot between two pink ones. And as I wanted a smaller knot in the middle, I took a white 0.8mm satin cord instead of a 1.5mm one.

This necklace is made of a light pink 1.5mm satin cord, and a red flowered glass bead with silver spacer and seed beads as a pendant.
The chain features Button knots as well as red flowered glass beads, red silver foil glass beads and silver spacer beads.
With sliding Button knots as a closure, this necklace offers you a great choice of length.

Each knot has its own meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, the Button knot is a symbol of good luck.
So, with a lot of Button knots, I hope this necklace will be a great good-luck charm to its wearer 😉

– chain length : about 63 to 81 cm / 24.80 to 31.89″
– pendant length : about 5 cm / 1.97″

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