Bag/Cell Phone Charm – Girl Doll

Charms_Girl-(4)     Charms_Girl-(3)     Charms-     Charms_Girl-(1)     Charms_Girl-(2)

At first, I made some of those little cute girls just for fun. I loved to play with the multi-color cord and found it to go nicely hanging at my bag or my cell phone.
I can change the girl depending of my mood or just because I go with a specific color one day.

Now, you can have them too, if you like them 😉

Nice colorful charm you can use for your cell phone or your bag.
Those cute little girls can have a lot of facial expressions… just like you 😉
They can smile, wink, laugh, stick their tongue out, or be angry.
And, just like you, they have their favorite color : blue, green, pink or cream.
You just have to find the right one for you. And if it’s too hard to choose… just have a lot of them, so you can change your charm according to your mood 😉
Length :
– character : about 7 to 8 cm / 2.75 to 3.15”
– full charm : about 12 cm / 4.72”

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