Crystal/Black Glass – Black/Ivory/Gold Clover/Button

Collier_12 (1)     Collier_12 (2)     Collier_12 (3)     Collier_12 (4)

It’s one of my personal necklaces. I made it few months ago.
I first found the flatten round glass beads and thought to work around them. I wanted a simple design with two free threads, one for each bead.
I like the result but, if I have to make a similar one, I will put some spacer beads between each silver foil glass beads along the chain, for them to keep in place. 🙂

Set_12 (1) I also made a bracelet to wear with this necklace.


This necklace is made of two 2mm satin cords, a black one and an ivory one, both with a golden thread, and two flatten round silver foil glass beads as pendants.
It features Four-Leaved Clover and Button knots with silver foil glass beads along the chain.

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