Crystal Teardrop – Sea Green/Aqua Double Coin/Snake

Collier_23-(3)     Collier_23-(1)     Collier_23-(4)

I really like working with crystal clear teardrops pendant as they can go with a any color.
For this necklace, I wanted a thicker chain than usual and, as I really like the structure of the snake knots, I opted for this one.
I really like the ‘chic’ touch, without being too much, of this necklace.
Hope you’ll like it too 😉

This necklace is made of two 2mm satin cords, a sea green one and an aqua one, and a crystal clear teardrop pendant fixed by a 925 silver pinch clasp.
It features a Double Coin knot in the center, and a Snake knot on each side as the chain.

Each knot has a meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, as the shape of the Double Coin knot, or Friendship knot, represents two overlapping antique coins, it symbolizes great prosperity and long life.
As for the Snake knot, like the animal in the Chinese horoscope, it will bring you good fortune.
So, as a mix of these Chinese knots, I hope this necklace will be a long time good fortune charm to its wearer 😉

– chain length : about 46 cm / 18.11″
– pendant length : about 5 cm / 1.97″

2 thoughts on “Crystal Teardrop – Sea Green/Aqua Double Coin/Snake

  1. Superbe ce collier “Crystal”
    Tu fais des merveilles de tes mains,
    inventivite et harmonie des couleurs…. J adore


    1. Merci, Vincent !
      Pas toujours simple de venir avec quelque chose de non redondant et de venir avec les bonnes couleurs, mais j’essaie 😉
      Surtout, je prends plaisir à le faire, et c’est encore plus satisfaisant quand les gens aiment aussi 😀


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