Blue/Turquoise Pan Chang/Cross

Bracelet_15-(3)     Bracelet_15-(1)     Bracelet_15-(4)

As a reminder of the pendant from the necklace related to this bracelet, I choose to make a Pan Chang knot as the center piece. I didn’t want to add too much to keep it simple, so I just added few Cross knots and crystal glass spacer beads to it.

Set_15-(1) A picture of the set I made.

This bracelet is made of two 2mm satin cords, a blue one and a turquoise one, and crystal glass spacer beads It features a Pan Chang knot at the center, and Cross knots along the chain.

Each knot has a meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, the Pan Chang knot is one of the eight Buddhist auspicious symbols, and represent the longevity. It is also used to represent the mysteries of the universe, and it is thought to bring good fortune to the wearer as well as those who view it.
As for the Cross knot, it comes from the shape of the ideogram for number ten.
So, as a mix of these Chinese knots, I hope this bracelet will bring luck to its wearer, for a very long time 😉

– length : about 18 cm / 7.09”

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