Amethyst/Pink Ceramic – Ivory/Pearl Spiraled Macramé

Collier_29-(1)     Collier_29-(3)     Collier_29-(2)     Collier_29-(5)     Collier_29-(4)

I wanted a necklace full of charm with a small casualness touch.
I decided then to go with pastel color and cord that would go around round beads.
And I think the spiraled macramé pattern goes perfectly with the roundness of the main beads.

I hope, you’ll enjoy this charming necklace 😉

This necklace is made of ivory 2mm satin cords with a pearly thread, and amethyst and light pink ceramic beads.
It’s chain is made of a spiraled macramé pattern and Button knots.

The spiraled macramé pattern allows to keep the roundness of the main amethyst beads.
As for the cords surrounding the main beads, I like to think they add a casualness touch to this charming necklace.

– chain length : about 48.5 cm / 19.95″

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