Snowflake Obsidian – Light Peach Clover

Collier_30-(3)     Collier_30-(4)     Collier_30-(1)     Collier_30-(5)     Collier_30-(2)

I really like this snowflake obsidian pendant and wanted to work around the pinkish color of its snowflakes.
I found the light peach cord to go really well with it and decided to add just small touches of black along the chain, to remind the main color of the  gemstone.
I loved working on this necklace and hope you will enjoy it too 🙂

This necklace is made of two 2mm satin cords, a light peach one and a black one, and a Snowflake Obsidian pendant I bought from the local Port Moody Rock and Gem Club.
It features Four-Leaved Clover and Button knots, as well as rhinestone beads along the chain.

Each knot has a meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, the Four-Leaved Clover knot, like in the occidental culture, is a lucky charm in China.
And the Button knot is also a symbol of good luck.
So, as a mix of these Chinese knots, I hope this necklace will be a personal lucky charm to its wearer 😉

– chain length : about 50.5 cm / 19.88″
– pendant length : about 4.5 cm / 1.77″

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