Shell – Lavender/Plum/Mauve Double Coin/Button

Collier_33-(4)     Collier_33-(5)     Collier_33-(3)

My mood was on the violet tones trend when I started this necklace.
As I really wanted a Double Coin knot to fix the pendant to the chain, but found that two cords were not enough, I ended up adding a third one with a rosy touch to my two lavender and plum cords.
I really love the classy effect that it gives to the necklace.
The chain was just a pleasant moment of playing with the cords and their colors.

I hope you will love this necklace as much as I loved making it 😉

This necklace is made of three 2mm satin cords, a lavender one, a plum one and a rosy mauve one, and a spiral-shaped natural shell pendant with natural shell beads along the chain.
It features a Double Coin knot fixing the pendant to the chain, and Button knots.

Each knot has its own meaning in the Chinese culture.
Thus, the Button knot is a symbol of good luck.
And the shape of the Double Coin knot, or Friendship knot, represents two overlapping antique coins and, hence, symbolizes great prosperity and long life.
So, I hope this necklace, with all these Chinese knots, will be your long lasting good-luck and prosperity charm 😉

– chain length : about 48 cm / 18.90″
– pendant length : about 5 to 7 cm / 1.97 to 2.76″

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