Sodalite – Black/Blue Pineapple/Button

Collier_35-(1)     Collier_35-(3)     Collier_35-(2)

I felt in love with this sodalite pendant. It might be due to its positive energy 😉
I wanted to have a chain that plays with its shape but didn’t really manage to find something that completely pleased me. It was my husband who gave me the idea of the triangle-shaped threads.
And the sterling silver tube beads were perfect for the connection 😉

This piece is a bit pricey but it’s all 925 sterling silver and the pineapple knots need time to be made. And, well, it’s worth the peace and positivity that this necklace can bring you 🙂

This necklace is made of two 2mm satin cords, a blue one and a black one, and a Sodalite pendant I bought from the local Port Moody Rock and Gem Club.
It features 925 sterling silver beads with Pineapple and Button knots along the chain.

The sodalite is said to bring logic, inner peace, and calming energy. It is also believed to protect its wearer from negative energy and to help those who wear it to see the positive sides of others.
As for the knots, they are respectively considered, in the Chinese culture, as a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

So, I hope this necklace will be a lucky charm that brings prosperity and peace in your life 😉

– Necklace inner length : about 43 cm / 16.93”
– Pendant length : about 4 cm / 1.57″

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