Aqua/Ivory Infinity/Cross

Bracelet_11-(1)     Bracelet_11-(2)     Bracelet_11-(1)

I wanted a bracelet that goes with the necklace I made before. But I find the Double Coin knot to be a bit asymmetrical on a bracelet chain, so I choose an Infinity knot which shape is a bit similar to the previous one.

Set_11-(1) A picture of the set I made.

This bracelet is made of two 2mm satin cords, an aqua-blue one and an ivory one, and dark blue glass spacer beads
It features an Infinity knot at the center, and Cross knots along the chain.

The Infinity knot symbolizes eternity, something boundlessness.
And the Chinese Cross knot comes from the shape of the ideogram for number ten.
So, as a mix of these two knots, I hope this bracelet will bring luck to its wearer for a very long time 😉

– length : about 18 cm / 7.09”

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